IMPACT REPORT: Monitoring Rail Track Positions

16th May 2022 | Articles

Rail Track Position Monitoring

Rail track positions Sherborne Sensors

The Need

These monitors are installed to measure the rail track position during the construction of an underpass. The system triggers automatically an alarm if the track has moved beyond a defined threshold. In such an event, the dispatcher is immediately notified via an SMS message. The aim was to generate an alarm signal in the event of a threshold inclination of more than 3mm (approx. 0.12º).

The Challenge

Two-axis inclination sensors were required, which are robust against impacts and vibration when trains cross, tolerate large temperature differences (-40º to +85º) and moisture (IP67) with high reproducibility, without hysteresis, and high long-term stability (<0.03º/year).

T233 Series of dual axis gravity referenced servo inclinometers

The Solution

Sherborne’ s T233 meets the requirements. The sensors were protected with a suitable sheet against stone chips and direct sunlight. The strong vibrations of a passing train are measured by the sensor at 1 Hz and additional filters are used in the data acquisition system.

Thanks to the internal temperature compensation and the highly reproducible force balanced technology, it was possible to fulfil all requirements.

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Sherborne Sensors’ high precision inclinometers measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution; providing highly accurate tilt and inclination measurements for demanding industrial applications.

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