Modes and options for transportation of goods and people continue to evolve. Recently, both private industry and governments have recognized models based primarily on individual modes of transportation are not sustainable; both from an economic and environmental perspective. A mixture of individual and mass transportation solutions are needed. Accordingly, funds directed towards these solutions have increased dramatically, along with their technical requirements.

Two segments of transportation that represent keen interest are rail and barge. Both offer the opportunity to move large numbers of people and goods in significantly more efficient ways than individual cars, trucks or ships.

Sherborne Sensors is assisting leading manufacturers of these platforms and their customers by providing sensors for a variety of applications, such as inclinometers to monitor barge loading and unloading activities to ensure safe operations; vibration monitors for engine and drive line systems to proactively assist in identifying possible maintenance issues; angle analysis systems to verify rail track properties and conditions to ensure safe passage of both freight and passenger loads; and accelerometers to protect passengers and freight by modulating train acceleration and deceleration protocols.