IMPACT REPORT: Realtime Monitoring

Continuous Casting/Die Tapper:Continuous casting is a process where molten metal is continuously fed to a cooled die, which is open on the lower end. For a successful process, the chilling of the metal is precisely controlled. Project Challenges • To compensate for shrinkage the die must be set at a taper• The correct taper angle […]

IMPACT REPORT: Rail-track position

Monitoring rail-track positionThese monitors are installed to measure the rail track position during the construction of an underpass. The system triggers automatically an alarm if the track has moved beyond a defined threshold. In such an event, the dispatcher is immediately notified via an SMS message. The aim was to generate an alarm signal in […]

IMPACT REPORT: Continuous Casting

Sensors for Continuous Casting Continuous casting utilizes tapered molds to account for shrinkage as the molten metals cool. It is essential to monitor the taper to ensure that the mounting angle is accurate, otherwise, a break-out may occur. Sherborne’s rugged Inclinometer is ideal for taper monitoring ensuring that the taper stays within tolerances during the […]

IMPACT REPORT: Railway – Inclination

Railway Rolling StockThe interaction between the rail wheel and the rail tracks is complex and subject to wear and tear. Safety and Comfort are the driving forces to understanding these parameters for product improvement or monitoring the performance of equipment in use. Tilt monitoring and detection are essential measurements conducted by Sensors that work under […]

IMPACT REPORT: Railway Application

Existing passive pantographs are part of mechanical suspension systems in which the contact force is predetermined and cannot monitor or adjust to changes in the environment within which they operate. Project ChallengesThe single biggest challenge is keeping the precise amount of force necessary to keep a solid connection while moving at different speeds and angles […]

IMPACT REPORT: Calibration of Robots

The precision of an industrial robot is directly dependent on the precise alignment of every single axis. Project ChallengesThe single biggest challenge is keeping the precise amount of force necessary to keep a solid connection The offset of each axis has to be measured not only in production, after mounting the robot, but also after […]

IMPACT REPORT: Radar Dish Monitoring

A radar installation exposed to significant temperature changes as well as to direct sunlight, requires precise, reliable, and continuous inclination measurements monitoring. Project ChallengesAll high-precision instruments are sensitive to temperature changes. Significant temperature changes inhibit precision measurements and can even prevent them. -Precise and continuous monitoring of the inclination of the radar base.-Precise and continuous […]

IMPACT REPORT: Automotive K&C Rig

Kinematics and Compliance RigKinematics and compliance testing (K&C testing) is a type of quasi-static suspension testing that applies realistic loads and displacements to a vehicle’s chassis and tires to determine suspension geometry and stiffness characteristics. The kinematics and compliance (K&C) characteristics of a chassis system have a major influence on the vehicle driving behavior and […]

IMPACT REPORT: Ship Stabilisation

Ship StabilisationA seagoing vessel is subjected to forces from wind, waves, and current as well as from forces generated by the propulsion system. The ships control system calculates the forces that the stabilizers must produce in order to control the vessel’s motion in three degrees of freedom – surge, sway, and yaw – in thehorizontal […]