Metal Processing

Metal Processing


Precision accelerometersinclinometers, and load cells play crucial roles in metal processing applications, providing valuable data for optimising manufacturing processes, continuous casting, production and quality control.


Inclinometers are indispensable for optimising manufacturing processes, enhancing product quality, and ensuring operational excellence in metal processing facilities. They are primarily used to align and level machinery like rolling mills and presses, ensuring proper installation and operation within specified tolerances. Inclinometers also monitor surface flatness and straightness during machining and finishing, maintaining tight tolerances and quality standards. They aid in calibrating inspection equipment for accurate measurements of metal parts’ geometric features, reducing scrap and rework costs while improving product quality.

Continuous Casting Process

Continuous casting is a process where molten metal is continuously fed into a cooled die. To compensate for shrinkage of the die,  the correct taper angle is crucial in a harsh environment where the inclinometer have to endure heat and vibration whilst maintaining their accuracy. Read our Impact Report on Real Time Monitoring  & Continuous Casting.


Accelerometers are pivotal in metal processing, optimising production, quality control, and equipment performance monitoring. They monitor vibration levels during machining operations like milling and drilling, identifying, and mitigating excessive vibrations to extend tool life and improve component quality. Additionally, accelerometers monitor the health of critical equipment by detecting abnormal vibration patterns which aids in minimising downtime and reducing maintenance costs.

Load Cells

Load cells are essential for accurate weighing, precise force control, and quality assurance in metal processing. They are crucial for weighing and dosing operations, ensuring accurate measurement of raw materials and finished goods for consistent production of alloys and coatings. Additionally, load cells monitor tension levels in metal strips and coils during various processes, optimising product quality and preventing material issues.


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