IMPACT REPORT: Microtunneling

06th May 2022 | Articles

Sensors for Microtunneling Guidance Systems

Micro tunneling Applications

The Need

Microtunneling is an underground construction technique used to construct utility tunnels from approximately 500mm to 4,000mm in diameter.

Since these tunnels have such a small diameter, it is not possible to have an operator driving the machine, so the tunneling machines need to be remotely operated from an operation panel within a purpose-built control room at ground level.

The Challenge

The guidance system of the Microtunneling machine requires very precise inputs of its position and heading. The sensors used for this have to be suitable for operating in harsh environments.

The T435 ‘L’ series close up

The Solution

Sherborne Sensors model T435 inclinometer is specially designed for operation in harsh environments.

The 4-20mA output signal, proportional to the size of the angle of tilt, is designed for electrically noisy environments, or where inclinometer signals must travel over a long distance. With three inclinometers, the direction of the Microtunneling machine can be precisely measured.

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Sherborne Sensors’ high precision inclinometers measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution; providing highly accurate tilt and inclination measurements for demanding industrial applications.

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