IMPACT REPORT: Load Measurement

06th May 2022 | Articles

Load Measurement Applications

Load Measurement Applications from Sherborne Sensors

The Need

A Fishing Trawler at sea is pulling a large load connected with wires and ropes to the ship. Uncontrolled, this load can lead to increased fuel consumption, greater demand for engine maintenance, and danger to ship and crew in rough sea conditions.

The Challenge

Controlling the rope tension with a special Sherborne Sensors trawler block strain gauged load pin has proven very successful to prevent damage and danger to the fishing trawler

Reliable measuring capability in all weather conditions is mandatory for this application Sherborne Sensors’ superior sensor design combined with our intensive manufacturing process assures the load sensor is performing to the highest standards.

Load Pin for IMPACT-REPORT-Fishing-Trawler

The Solution

The Sherborne load pin V399 is designed to fit into a standard trawler block. It performs high-precision measurements in all marine weather conditions making it an ideal solution for this type of application.

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Sherborne Sensors’ high precision inclinometers measure horizontal and vertical
angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution; providing highly accurate tilt and
inclination measurements for demanding industrial applications.

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