IMPACT REPORT: Bridge Monitoring

06th May 2022 | Articles

Bridge Monitoring Applications

Bridge Monitoring Long

The Need

Roller bearings on bridges are essential for the safety of the structure. Continuous monitoring provides real-time information of the health of the bridge.

The Challenge

A technical solution to the problem of unavoidable movements in bridge structures is the use of bridge bearings. Bridge bearings are small integral parts of the entire bridge structure serving several purposes, such as connection, transfer of forces, allowing movements, force damping, etc.

However, bridge bearings could create more problems for the bridge structure than it solves if not properly understood, especially when it receives less attention than it deserves.

T935 Series inclinometers

The Solution

Sherborne Sensors’ LSOC Inclinometer or the T935 Inclinometer, provides precise, accurate, and reliable measurements of roller bearing movements. The rugged design makes this sensor perfectly suitable for long-time monitoring.

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Sherborne Sensors’ high precision inclinometers measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution; providing highly accurate tilt and inclination measurements for demanding industrial applications.

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