IMPACT REPORT: Automotive K&C Rig

06th May 2022 | Articles

Kinematics and Compliance Rig

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The Need

Kinematics and compliance testing (K&C testing) is a type of quasi-static suspension testing that applies realistic loads and displacements to a vehicle’s chassis and tires to determine suspension geometry and stiffness characteristics. The kinematics and compliance (K&C) characteristics of a chassis system have a major influence on the vehicle driving behavior and the overall vehicle performance.

The Challenge

In the lateral compliance test, the lateral forces are driven into the tires through a wheel pad. This test determines axle steer, lateral toe stiffness, lateral camber stiffness, and more. Knowing the exact angle under which the lateral force is introduced increases the measuring accuracy.

The Solution

LSOP Series from Sherborne Sensors

The Sherborne inclinometer model LSOC/P is perfectly suited to measure the angle of the lateral force under dynamic conditions. The signal output (voltage or current) connects directly to a data acquisition system without the need for signal conditioning.

The robust design of the force balance torque system is extremely robust and will withstand shocks in excess of 1500g. The design is well proven with many thousands in use throughout the world in the most demanding application.

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Sherborne Sensors’ high precision inclinometers measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution; providing highly accurate tilt and inclination measurements for demanding industrial applications.

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