Sherborne Sensors announces the launch of a Cloud service for WTS Wireless Inclinometer Line

21st Jan 2021 | News
wireless tilt system

The WTS Wireless Tilt System is a flexible, all-weather radio telemetry system designed to provide high accuracy remote angle measurement data. The WTS gives surveyors, geotechnical specialists, and structural engineers the ability to record and log data remotely without the cost and inefficiency of traditional wired methods.

The heart of the system is the WTS Wireless Inclinometer; a high-accuracy robust instrument utilising advanced MEMS sensor technology to ensure maximum reliability. A variety of complementary base stations and either PC or hand-held data acquisition modules are offered to allow a complete measurement system to be configured to suit any application. A variety of fixed base stations and hand-held readers are available to enable the user to tailor the system to their optimal requirements.

Highway agencies, bridge and civil structure owners spend large revenues assessing structural health by visual or other types of consuming inspection methods of bolted and welded joints, together with other vital structural elements. Obtaining multiple readings to monitoring the entire structure can be costly and labour intensive. Using the WTS Wireless Tilt System, a single structure is fitted with low power WTS Inclinometers at strategic points, thus helping to determine where weak points may be and when maintenance is required.

Additionally, the WTS Wireless Tilt System may be used in the verification of design calculations when new structures are manufactured providing valuable data to refine computer models of structural behaviour.

The new Sherborne SensorSpace solution brings the data into the cloud. Whether your data is needed every day or every few seconds, Sherborne’s SensorSpace is optimized to receive, compute, and return millions of data points across the globe. And, with up to 3 years rolling data retention as standard, Sherborne’s SensorSpace gives a place to store and mine data for added insights and analytic overlays like anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.

SensorSpace diagram