XT-0102LN ±15VDC Bi-Polar Power Supply Module


The XT-0102LN is a ‘stand-alone’ power supply module capable of supplying the excitation voltage required for many of the inclinometers and accelerometers manufactured by Sherborne Sensors. The module accepts an unregulated supply down to 10VDC enabling operation from automobile batteries. The unit is short circuit and input polarity protected, is fully encapsulated and has screw terminal connections for complete flexibility


  • Unregulated, single ended DC voltage input, Bi-polar DC voltage output
  • Output galvanically isolated from input
  • 10-32 VDC Input voltage; ±15VDC Output voltage at ±45mA
  • High reliability
  • Form Factor only 67x35x15mm (2.64”x1.38”x0.59”)


  • Convenient DC uni-polar input to DC bi-polar output for supplying inclinometers and accelerometers


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