Tracker 220 Universal Input Indicator

Universal Input Indicator for force transducers & load cells
  • Universal Input Indicator for force transducers & load cells


A variety of strain gage based pressure transducers or force transducers can be connected directly to the Tracker 220 series. The indicator and sensor can be calibrated together using the user calibration feature, greatly reducing errors due to sensor output and excitation supply voltage variations. A front panel button or digital status input can also be configured to provide an auto zero feature allowing zero offset errors to be eliminated. 



  • Universal Input
  • Analogue Output
  • Digital Status Inputs
  • Transmitter & Transducer Supplies
  • Four Alarm Set points
  • Wide Ranging Power Input
  • NEMA 4 Front Panel
  • Standard 1/8 DIN panel Size
  • Red or Green LED Display
  • Programmable Function Buttons
  • Math Functions
  • Serial Communications


The Tracker 220 can be used in conjunction with most strain gage based transducers for simple measurement-only applications or in more demanding situations requiring digital communications, alarms, maths functions and complex signal conditioning. The powerful menu-driven software enables fast flexible set-up from the front panel or via the serial communications interface. No adjustments of internal potentiometers, internal links or plug-in cards are necessary.


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