DTI Digital Tilt Indicator


The DTI Series is a family of five-digit, programmable digital panel meters, offering improved tilt measurement system versatility and performance. The DTI will accept an output from any Sherborne gravity referenced inclinometer, provide the necessary trigonometric conversions, and display the output as an angle, with a resolution down to 0.001°. For seamless interface with a data acquisition system, two supplementary outputs, an analog voltage output and RS422/485 serial output are supplied. The enclosure is manufactured from recyclable and flame retardant (VO) materials, with front panel conformance to IP65: NEMA 4. Supplied, powerful menu-driven software enables fast and flexible set-up from the front panel or via serial communications link. Built-in, comprehensive alarm functions allow convenient monitoring, switching and control functions. The hysteresis facility prevents noisy signals from switching alarms erroneously, with high and low deviations facilitating control around a set point. On and off delay times can be set with individual alarms, configured as latching or non-latching, depending on requirements. The DTI may be used with most Sherborne gravity-referenced inclinometers, as well as other manufacturers’ products. An integral 12 VDC power supply provides excitation voltage for MEMS- based inclinometers whilst bi-polar voltage supplied inclinometers may be powered via Sherborne XT-0102 or XT-0103 power supply modules.


  • Front panel conforms to IP65 (NEMA 4)
  • Flat, slightly recessed display, together with high-brightness red LED’s ensures maximum visibility in difficult lighting conditions
  • Universal Power Input 90 – 265VAC, 50/60Hz allows world-wide usage
  • Full set-up via front panel buttons through a simple, password protected menu
  • Complies with European Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety Directives
  • Four software alarms and two alarm relays
  • RS422/485 Interface
  • Analog voltage output
  • Advanced mathematical functions 


  • Can be implemented into simple, measurement-only applications, as well as those requiring digital communications, alarms and math functions
  • Available either individually, or as a fully calibrated tilt measurement system with an inclinometer
  • Suitable for use with Sherborne Sensors gravity referenced inclinometers, as well as other manufacturers’ products

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