LSOP Series ±1° to ±90°

LSOC Inclinometer ±1° to ±90°, voltage output, pin termination


The LSOP series is a high precision gravity referenced servo inclinometer that’s used in a variety of industrial applications. Models are available in a variety of angular ranges each with low impedance output signals.

This product is extremely robust and will withstand shocks in excess of 1500g. The design is well proven with many thousands in use throughout the world in the most demanding of applications.

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Degree Range

1 degree, 14.5 degree, 3 degree, 30 degree, 90 degree




0.00003°, 0.00006°, 0.0003°, 0.0006°, 0.001°


  • Available ranges from ±1° to ±90°
  • Resolution to 0.1arc second (0.00003°)
  • High level 4 to 20mA output proportional to sine of the angle of tilt
  • Electrical terminations via six-way connector (LSOC) or solder pins (LSOP)
  • Fully self-contained and able to connect to a DC power source and readout or control device, to form a complete tilt measurement system
  • Environmentally sealed to IP65
  • Continuous operation in temperatures of -18°C to +70°C
  • Rugged, 1500g shock survivability
  • Optional mating connectors, power supplies and display indicators
  • Custom design and manufacturing capabilities are available to meet customers specific application requirements


  • Bore-hole mapping, dam and rock shifts and other geophysical, seismic and civil engineering studies
  • Ballast transfer systems for offshore barges, ships and other marine applications
  • Level control and calibration systems
  • Pipeline leveling, setting tilt


  • LSOC-1L LSOC Inclinometer
    Voltage output, connector termination
  • LSOC-3L LSOC Inclinometer
    Voltage output, connector termination
  • LSOC-14.5L LSOC Inclinometer
    Voltage output, connector termination
  • LSOC-30L LSOC Inclinometer
    Voltage output, connector termination
  • LSOC-90L LSOC Inclinometer
    Voltage output, connector termination


Sherborne Sensors – LSOC_LSOP Inclinometer 


  • Electrical Cable (1m to 60m)
  • DTI
  • Power Supply
  • Mating Connector

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