LSOC Series ±1° to ±90°


The LSO series is a high-precision gravity-referenced servo inclinometer used in a variety of industrial applications. Models are available in a variety of angular ranges each with low impedance output signals. Electrical terminations are via a 6-way bayonet lock connector (LSOC) or solder pins (LSOP).

The LSO series is extremely robust and will withstand shocks over 1500g. The design is well-proven with many thousands in use throughout the world in the most demanding of applications.

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Degree Range

1 degree, 14.5 degree, 3 degree, 30 degree, 90 degree




0.00003°, 0.00006°, 0.0003°, 0.0006°, 0.001°


  • Fully self-contained – connect to a DC power source and a readout or control device for a complete operating system
  • High-level DC output signal proportional to sine of the angle of tilt
  • ±1° to ±90° ranges available
  • Extremely rugged, withstands 1500g shock


  • Bore-hole mapping, dam and rock shifts and other geophysical, seismic and civil engineering studies
  • Ballast transfer systems for offshore barges, ships and other marine applications
  • Level control and calibration systems
  • Pipeline levelling, setting tilt of grading machines, crane overturning-moment alarms, and other heavy duty construction control requirements
  • Large machinery installation and other electronic level applications


  • LSOC-1 LSOC Inclinometer
  • LSOC-3 LSOC Inclinometer
  • LSOC-14.5 LSOC Inclinometer
  • LSOC-30 LSOC Inclinometer
  • LSOC-90 LSOC Inclinometer


Sherborne Sensors – LSOC_LSOP Inclinometer 


  • Electrical Cable (1m to 60m)
  • DTI
  • Power Supply
  • Mating Connector

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