IMPACT REPORT: Micro-Tunneling

Micro-tunneling is an underground construction technique used to construct utility tunnels from approximately 500mm to 4,000mm in diameter. Because these tunnels have such a small diameter, it is not possible to have an operator driving the machine, so the tunneling machines need to be remotely operated from an operation panel within apurpose-built control room at […]

IMPACT REPORT: Bridge Monitoring

Monitoring Roller Bearings Roller bearings on bridges are essential for the safety of the structure. Continuous monitoring provides real-time information of the health of the bridge. Project ChallengesA technical solution to the problem of unavoidable movements in bridge structures is the use of bridge bearings. Bridge bearings are small integral parts of the entire bridge […]

IMPACT REPORT: Load Measurement

A Fishing Trawler at sea is pulling a large load connected with wires and ropes to the ship. Uncontrolled, this load can lead to increased fuel consumption, greater demand for engine maintenance, anddanger to ship and crew in rough sea conditions. Project ChallengesControlling the rope tension with a special Sherborne Sensors trawler block strain gauged […]