Low Profile Load Cell for Force Measurement VC 7600

Fatigue-Rated Load Cells. Low profile universal
  • Fatigue-Rated Load Cells. Low profile universal


A range of multi shear low profile load cells designed to meet high fatigue requirements in the aerospace, automotive and other repetitive fatigue applications. These high capacity fatigue-rated load cells can be supplied with a range of standard thread sizes and fittings or may be specified to suit individual requirements.

To ensure optimum performance from the VC7600 fatigue-rated load cell, it is strongly recommended that the optional base plate be specified at the time of order placement. 

The base plate is specifically designed to maximise the low profile load cell’s performance with the cell supplied calibrated with it installed. If the VC7600 is to be used without a fitted base, it is essential that it be mounted on a precision, flat, preferably lapped, surface.

This surface should be flat within 0.005mm TIR. Specifying the appropriate base plate as a factory fitted option eliminates this requirement is met and ensures the unit operates with optimal performance.

The VC7600 fatigue-rated load cells can be supplied calibrated with Sherborne instrumentation products to provide a complete force measuring system.



  • Compact geometry
  • Low profile
  • Highly resistant to extraneous forces and bending moments
  • Low deflection, high stiffness
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Tension or compression operation
  • Fatigue rated option
  • Double bridge option
  • Sealed to NEMA6


  • Thrust measurement
  • Fatigue testing
  • Structural test rigs
  • General laboratory force measurements requiring low deflection under load


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