Load Cells

Sherborne Sensors are a global leader in the design and manufacture of load cells. Whether you are looking for a load cell, weigh cell or force transducer our proven technical and solutions expertise means that we can lead you through the process of specifying a design that meets your application requirements perfectly.

To support the diversity of load cell applications, Sherborne Sensors offer a standard range of form factors covering the most popular load designs including: S-Beam / Z-Beam and Shear Beam Load Cells, Pancake Load Cells, Donut Load Cells, Miniature Load Cells, Compression Load Cells, Button Load Cells and S Type Load Cells.

These designs can be used in either compression, tension and compression / tension configurations and many are available as standard, low profile or miniature load cell designs.

Our load cells are used to measure force by our customers globally, and include applications in general industry, research and development, manufacturing, test and measurement and material test.

We also provide load cells tailored for specific markets such as Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Medical, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical, Oil & Gas, Rail and Transportation.

Sherborne Sensors have a dedicated custom products team capable of designing and manufacturing custom load cells to meet specialised requirements. In most cases where customised load cells are not required, our standard product lines are typically available for next day shipment.

Further information on load cell design, specification and application can be found on our Load Cell Overview page.

  • High Capacity Load Cell SS6000

    The SS6000 high capacity load cells are strain gauge based shear force load cells incorporating cylindrical ends to facilitate the mounting of bearings direct to the load cell.

  • UNIWEIGH Multi-Range Moment Insensitive Load Cell

    Uniweigh load cells are designed to enable high accuracy gram range forces & loads to be measured whilst avoiding the effects of bending moments that reduce the overall accuracy

  • Miniature Load Cell Low Profile U2000

    Miniature load cell ideal for use in limited space applications. The shear web design uses strain gages, placed to minimize errors from side or non-axial forces.

  • Low Profile Load Cell for Force Measurement VC 7600

    A range of low profile load cells designed to meet high fatigue requirements in the aerospace, automotive and other repetitive fatigue applications

  • Load Cell - U4000 Universal

    These load cells are suitable for use in a multitude of general purpose force measurement applications. Equally suitable for tension & compression of universal load applications

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